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Christian Tapestry Oil Paintings by Corinne Layton 36x48

Christian Tapestry Original Oil Paintings size 36x48 of Jeasus, Mary, And the Saints See Samples of my Paintings similar to Davinci.s Annuciation, and Bougereau's Angelus, but my own Images, I Improvize from some ancient Masters, Creating Borders somtimes Like the Old World Tapestries, I Sepia Glaze and Scratch Back to Create an Old World Elegant Look of Brocante/Chic, As a Catholic, I am inspired by these Themes of the Church. Depending on How Much Detail Involved they Start at 5000.00 The Annunciation Poca Diztansa that I have Painted here would be closer to 10.000 I will determine cost of  commissions based on Detail Involved, I Improvise my own faces and Details to make the Images truly my Own, and not copies, if you see the actual Annunciation by Da Vinci, you will see the Difference,  International Commissions are Welcome added Shipping Cost, unframed or stretched Canvas Highest Quality, ship Rolled. This Particular Original Oil is not for sale



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